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Becoming a Pastor Theologian
The roles of pastor and theologian have gone their separate ways. Throughout much of the church’s history, these two roles
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Faithful Presence
In our quest to renew the church, Christians have walked through seeker-friendly, emergent, missional, and other movements to develop new
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MacArthur at War
World War II changed the course of history. Douglas MacArthur changed the course of World War II. MACARTHUR AT WAR
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In his magisterial new biography, H. W. Brands brilliantly establishes Ronald Reagan as one of the two great presidents of
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Switched On
Imagine spending the first forty years of your life in darkness, blind to the emotions and social signals of other
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This Gulf of Fire
The captivating and definitive account of the Great Lisbon Earthquake–the most consequential natural disaster of modern times. On All Saints’
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Love That Boy
LOVE THAT BOY is a uniquely personal story about the causes and costs of outsized parental expectations. What we want
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Black Flags: The Rise of Isis
In a thrilling dramatic narrative, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Joby Warrick traces how the strain of militant Islam behind ISIS first
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