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I believe the hope of the world is the church – and the hope of the church is trained leadership.
This is why I am investing a good part of my life in training the next generation.
– Dr. John E. Johnson
The Latest on Missing Voices
Check out the latest article in the @missioalliance Culture, Global Church Writing Collective, “Global Leadership, Cultural Intelligence, and the Voices
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A Sermon Checklist for Pastors and Congregants
Here is an article I wrote this Spring that SermonSearch recently published. It brings together practices pastors devoted to preaching
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A Wakeup Call for the Church
Two days ago, I was in the airport terminal of Izmir, Turkey, reflecting with a friend. I have known Sandy
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For God’s Sake–Lead!
Watching the current news, I find myself practically screaming, “For God’s sake, someone please lead! Would you focus on governing
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