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I believe the hope of the world is the church – and the hope of the church is trained leadership.
This is why I am investing a good part of my life in training the next generation.
– Dr. John E. Johnson
Serving Time in the Pew
Last night in class, one of my students asked me how many sermons I have preached over the course of
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This Is A Bunch Of Sh*t!
I thought a provocative title might help. Stein, in his book on writing, notes that titles and first sentences and
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Some New Light On Depression
It’s gray outside. It’s been a l-o-n-g gray February, one of the colder ones in years. There has been the
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How Do You Ask God?
Nearly every morning, I am in the lap pool, doing my thirty minutes of swimming.  It’s become my morning ritual—up
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