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I believe the hope of the world is the church – and the hope of the church is trained leadership.
This is why I am investing a good part of my life in training the next generation.
– Dr. John E. Johnson
Life with the Black Swan
All of us find ourselves coping at the moment. We do so in different ways—walking, painting walls, reading books, binging
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Getting to the Heart of Real Praying
In P.T. Forsyth’s The Soul of Prayer, he writes, “Prayer is where our thought of God passes into action and
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Week Two in the Belly
There are two things getting me through this extraordinary season. And no, it’s not putting up lights and pretending it
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Learning How to Pray During a Pandemic
There are lots of ways to react to this pandemic. Become obsessed with it, watching the news 24/7 and keeping
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