Dr. John E. Johnson

Dr. John E. Johnson
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Theology provides the beginning point for understanding and carrying out effective leadership.

Behind many of the challenges facing us today is a failure of leadership. This is not a new problem. Yearning for wise guidance and effective authority is a perennial human longing. We need leaders who are credible, competent and committed.

In Rooted Leadership, John E. Johnson explores how Christian theology provides an overarching leadership framework and applies that theory to leadership practices, answering eleven core leadership questions. Spiritual reflection, guided by scripture, points us to the very center of leadership—God—and the purpose of leadership—that we might display his glory. All the best forms of leading take their cues from who God is, his purposes, and his ways of working with people that he has progressively revealed.

Building on three decades of research, study, and experience as a global leader, Johnson surveys the landscape of contemporary leadership theory, unpacks the assumptions and beliefs that underly current trends, and responds by offering a robust approach to leadership, founded on the character, work, and words of God.

In a world where so many have been run over by the big bus of the American church, Johnson offers us a more lamb-like way of leadership—through care, insight, humility, brokenness, and meekness. It is always a joy to endorse John as a human—to say nothing of his writing.
Dr. A. J. Swoboda
Assistant professor of Bible, theology, and world Christianity at Bushnell University and author of After Doubt
John Johnson develops a biblically informed theology of leadership. His central thesis is that authentic Christian leadership must be God-centered, finding its definition, priorities, and patterns in the nature, character, and purpose of God.
Dr. Mark L. Strauss
Professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary and coauthor of Leadership in Christian Perspective
Into the storm of leadership material, Johnson offers a book that roots leadership in God himself. God defines leadership. I’m thankful for a leadership book that leans so heavily into the doctrine of God, Christ, and his Word.
Dr. Patrick Schreiner
Associate professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and author of The Visual Word
John Johnson’s rich experience as a leader, pastor, and teacher enlivens his biblical thinking at every turn. This book should be shelved in every pastor’s library and used in every Christian seminary.
Dr. David Fisher
Former pastor of Park Street Church in Boston and author of The 21st Century Pastor
Rooted Leadership is an amazing book that will help you—wherever you are in your leadership journey—to grow in character, competence, and wisdom as a leader. Highly recommended.
Matt Mikalatos
Author of Journey to Love
For over 36 years, I have been both a pastor and professor. Recently I shifted from being a pastor and professor to being a writer and a professor. Having completed the first two books, Under an Open Heaven and Missing Voices, I am now excited about my third, Rooted Leadership.

My wife, Heather, and I live on the west side of Portland with our daughter Kate and son Nate and “adopted daughter” Ola.

We occasionally head for the north coast of Oregon where we have a beach house and I escape to write.

Swimming, biking, teaching abroad, and reading fill up much of the other space.