“That must be a Steller’s Jay—black head, deep blue upperparts, and narrow black bars on the wings.” What’s happened to
Yesterday I sent to my colleagues an article by Beckie Supiano (and wonderfully illustrated by Ron Coddington) entitled, “Why is
When you are up in the wilderness, it is easy to lose track of time. What day is it? Our
All of us find ourselves coping at the moment. We do so in different ways—walking, painting walls, reading books, binging
In P.T. Forsyth’s The Soul of Prayer, he writes, “Prayer is where our thought of God passes into action and
There are two things getting me through this extraordinary season. And no, it’s not putting up lights and pretending it
There are lots of ways to react to this pandemic. Become obsessed with it, watching the news 24/7 and keeping
In all of this strangeness--in truly uncharted territory--one cannot but wonder if God has suddenly imposed upon the world a
I am reading Erik Larson’s new book, The Splendid and the Vile. Each chapter grows more ominous. It is June
A couple of nights ago, celebrating with others, someone asked me which birthday stands out above the rest. Turning 70,
Does personal presence really matter? Is physical proximity an issue? Is virtual enough to satisfy your soul?  Ministries are asking
I’m still thinking about the young woman I met in Beirut last Fall. She was taking my class in pastoral

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