There are lots of ways to react to this pandemic. Become obsessed with it, watching the news 24/7 and keeping
In all of this strangeness--in truly uncharted territory--one cannot but wonder if God has suddenly imposed upon the world a
I am reading Erik Larson’s new book, The Splendid and the Vile. Each chapter grows more ominous. It is June
A couple of nights ago, celebrating with others, someone asked me which birthday stands out above the rest. Turning 70,
Does personal presence really matter? Is physical proximity an issue? Is virtual enough to satisfy your soul?  Ministries are asking
I’m still thinking about the young woman I met in Beirut last Fall. She was taking my class in pastoral
I’m guessing there is an ambitious streak that runs through you. Most of us have lived with our eyes on
Yesterday, I caved. Hoisted the white flag.   It all started innocent enough. I decided Friday to contribute my part
There are some moments in life that level you. Force you to slow down, look in the proverbial mirror and
This is a longer post, but bear with me to the end. Thursday I saw my eye doctor. Ever since
              There is still time to sign up up for our study tour to
My Kindle tells me I have read 70 weeks in a row. Impressive. Days in a row—2. Not so impressive.

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