It’s been there, posted on a wall here and there.  I just never stopped to think about it until this
I live with a lot of things in my life—leading a church that struggles at times with deficits; joint pain
An article out of the business section of this week’s Wall Street Journal, “Kodak Teeters on the Brink”, tells the
Working off unwanted calories in a spinning class a couple of weeks ago, our trainer warned us that it will
There was an interesting article in the NY Times last week, “Americans: Undecided About God?” by Eric Weiner.  From his
Does God still speak? Is there a frequency we must locate, in which His voice is unmistakably clear? For me,
In the late 30’s Dietrich Bonhoeffer came back to America for a second time.  The seminary in Germany was outlawed
Like last year, I moved from one completely different world to another, in a matter of a few days.  From
I'm just about to leave Ethiopia, a different world for sure. You know you are in a different world when...
About eight years ago, three of us sat in a small guest house just outside of Damascus and dreamed—an Australian
Waiting for a flight to Beirut on Sunday, I came a cross a Saturday column by David Brooks of the
(a Monday morning recap) Whenever the topic of unforgiveness comes up in a sermon, there is a certain level of

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