Dr. John E. Johnson

Dr. John E. Johnson

Wit and Wisdom for the Week

“To carry out evil plans is like sport to a fool. Wisdom is like that to a man of insight.” Pro 10:23

It’s not a way we commonly think of wisdom. Other words come to mind–study, digging, pursuing, reflecting. The pursuit of wisdom can feel all uphill.  But the sage points out that becoming wise is also like the thrill of going after it on the court, running full out on the track, or scoring big on the field. Just as a fool finds a certain perverse pleasure in devising wicked schemes, so a person of wisdom finds great joy–yes, even laughter (sechoq)–in fleshing out prudence, understanding, and insight. There is a certain hilarity–a much better hilarity–reserved for those who make wise choices. Jesus must have laughed often.

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