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Writing a leadership book this summer has cut into my blogging. My creativity is pretty well spent by the time I finish my day. Rereading McKeown’s Essentialism today, I did find a quote well worth sharing. He writes to encourage us to be about the main thing–which is the main thing we should be about. Listen to how he closes the book–

“Once you become an Essentialist, you will find that you aren’t like everybody else–

-when other people are saying yes, you will find yourself saying no

-when other people are doing, you will find yourself thinking

-when other people are speaking, you will find yourself thinking

-when other people are in the spotlight, vying for attention, you will find yourself waiting on the sidelines until it is time to shine

-while other people are padding their resumes and building out their LinkedIn profiles, you will be building a career of meaning

-while other people are complaining (read: bragging) about how busy they are, you will just be smiling sympathetically, unable to relate

while other people are living a life of stress and chaos, you will be living a life of impact and fulfillment

In many ways, to live as an Essentialist in our too-many-things-all-the

-time society is an act of quiet revolution.”

I say let’s join it!


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